Experts suggest better branding of Nepali apps

KATHMANDU, NOV 05 – Experts and stakeholders have stressed on the need for better promotion and branding of Nepali mobile applications.

Speaking at a seminar on “Mobile Application Trends: Marketing and Monetisation” organised by Ncell here on Tuesday, they also sought the government’s facilitation for the development of mobile apps.

Cash On Ad President Biswas Dhakal said developers should implement appropriate promotion and branding strategies. He said social media are the most effective tools for viral marketing to decrease user acquisition cost of the apps.

Focus One Nepal Managing Director Aadish Shrestha said mobile applications make big contribution to businesses. “Data collection has become easier and faster due to data-enabled mobile apps,” said Shrestha, adding there are companies who want to invest in such apps.

Golchha Organisation Director Sanjay Golchha said apps provide a better platform for emerging entrepreneurs, but telecom operators should help create such platforms by facilitating the sector.

Vahdat Zehtab, head at Ncell’s B2C department, asked app developers to look outside the Kathmandu Valley. “Data consumption is rich in Nepal, but when compared to that of the other developed countries, it is still not good enough. I believe Nepal will leap forward in this sector,” said Zehtab, adding going global is not the major issue for developers to meet their goals.

Nepal Telecommunications Authority Spokesperson Kailash Neupane said the government has been reactive to technological developments when it comes to legal provision and government facilitation.