The world of endless possibilities

It goes without saying that we live in a world of endless possibilities that the technology has created. Unimaginable has been happening in past decade or so, ever since the cellular phone technology landed in our world. Of course much can be said in this topic and we can go on and on about the pros and con of this matter. But the main question is not how technology friendly we are but how much do we want to be?

We create our own limitation, wise men say. And the tricky part is to break the routine of mundane and venture in to the unknown. And the unknown of course can hold anything. The fact however is that we always need a adventure to stay motivated in life. After all aren’t we all heading towards the same goal – to be and do better than yesterday?

So do we still want to visit the near by shop to purchase a recharge card and go to the near by telecom branch to pay our phone bill when we have so many convenient solutions at our disposal. Do we want to take a leap of faith and veer towards the unknown?